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Greetings and thank you for visiting my web site. My objective for this site is to provide the equine community with practical equine nutrition and health information. As a horse person first and a scientist second, I recognize the importance of being able to use scientific information, but only that which can truly be applied to horse nutritionAmy M. Gill picture  and management.

I welcome you to utilize several services provided on this site. I will post a practical tip for keeping your horses healthy and performing to the best of their ability.  Also available for downloading from this site are articles and presentations I have written in the past for various publications and seminars. 

As always, I am available to you for consultation concerning the health, feeding and general management of your horses should the need arise.  Please feel free to call or e-mail me at your convenience.  If you are interested in the ability to have consistent, regular communication with me, please consider joining Equine Nutrition and Health Services, a membership that offers discounted pricing on my consulting services as well as member rates on my nutritional supplements.

Lastly, my latest venture is the development of several novel equine nutrition supplements that I have termed "targeted nutritional therapies" for the product line called Equi-Force Equine Products LLC. These are not ordinary horse health supplements; they are targeted nutrients that contain therapeutic levels of each ingredient. Equi-Force equine supplements  contain nutrients that have been or are currently being researched in clinical trials and field studies in order to establish their efficacy in several species of animals including humans and horses.  Please be sure to click on the products page for an overview of these specialized products.

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July 1st 2010 - EQUI-FORCE EQUINE NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE -The line has been expanded with several novel targeted nutritional therapies. Please contact Dr. Gill for more information about the products or visit

        FOR SALE: 2009 Silver Train ex Designer Label (stakes producer) "Off The Rack" In training with Michelle Nihei.  See Horses for Sale for more pictures and information. SOLD - Best of luck to Grant and David Hofmans with this exceptional colt.


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Spot of Salt, purchased by Dr. Gill at the Keeneland 2009 September Yearling sale breaks his maiden at Hollywood Park at second asking. Now owned by Le Canada Stables and trained by Jack Carava .

Best of Luck to William Giuliano and WAG stables in their purchase of Seeking the Lilies, two-year-old filly by Kafwain purchased by Dr. Gill in 2009.

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Spot of Salt - MSW winner second start Hollywood Park October 2010.  Selected by Dr. Gill Keeneland 2009 September yearlings

EQUI-FORCE Equine Products are nutritional supplements that were developed to promote optimum health and performance in equine athletes.
Listen to the remarkable story of Ice Scream - a three time injured horse supplemented with Siliforce Horses who finally became a winner at age five!
Nutritional Tip

Energy Sources for the Performance Horse

Carbohydrates are the main energy source in feeds for performance horses. Carbohydrates are either nonstructural (“sugars”), such as those found in grains, or structural like those found in forages.

Non-structural carbohydrates are digested and absorbed directly out of the small intestine as a single molecule of glucose. Glucose is a single molecule of carbohydrate. Starch from grain contains a long chain of glucose molecules linked together. All carbohydrates from the simplest to the most complex must be converted into glucose by the body before they can be used for energy.

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